Dubrovnik - Pearl of the adriatic  
  Dubrovnik invites you to discover its medieval beauty – don’t hesitate!  
  The Old Town which is a world heritage site of UNESCO since 1979 offers a  
  completely preserved medieval architecture surrounded by historical city walls.  
  Have a walk on Stradun, watch the town from the city walls, visit the  
  rector’s palace and don’t miss the world renowned Summer Festival in july and  
  august.Various galleries show you the way of Dubrovnik art.  
  Then you should “venture” to visit the modern Dubrovnik – no fear you  
  will not find any skyscrapers or architecture of concrete. But you will find a lively  
  and mediterranean way of life, wonderful coves and cosy places to rest.  
  May be you even want to make an excursion to the Elaphite Islands or
  a day trip to Korcula famous for the medieval plays like «Moreška».  
  For more information see www.tzdubrovnik.hr , www.dubrovnik-festival.hr